Making Tracks brings you a snapshot of Australia – our incredible, unique, vast, and varied coastline – and everything in between. Making Tracks maintains it is essential to share knowledge in a positive yet dedicated way, always promoting the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of our wonderful natural world.

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Making Tracks combines a myriad of adventures from across this great land, from the clifftops of the Great Ocean Road, across the endless Nullabour, to the far tropical reaches of the Top End.

Making Tracks is inspired writing and photography created in our amazing backyard, coupled with a detailed knowledge of Australia’s ecological uniqueness and conservation essentials. We are dedicated to raising awareness for contemporary environmental issues including:

Marine and Terrestrial National Park Protection
Ocean Plastic Pollution

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Our Team

Jimmy is a marine campaigner with the Australian Marine Conservation Society – Australia’s largest national charity dedicated to the preservation of our oceans, for everyone. Australia is his much loved home patch and one traversed continually from those early summers ferrying across to Tassie.

Over the years he’s learnt two major things:
1) How utterly and endlessly amazing and inspiring the world is.
2) That everyone can make a positive change in their life that will make a difference in how the world ends up.

Favourite National Park:
1) Currently (July 2018) it’s Mt.Barney National Park, SE QLD

Tip to turn the tide on Plastic Pollution:

“Every day I wake up with the coast on my mind, with a thirst to swim in the respite of the ocean, to round a corner and embrace the scent of salt in the cooling breeze, to feel the caking of salt on my skin as I dry out after a dip, and welcome the eternal presence of sand scratching away in my bed.”

Claire is a big fan of ploppy stories and in the afl supports the chips and the horses..


Over the years she’s learnt two major things:

Favourite National Park:

Tip to turn the tide on Plastic Pollution:

“Quote by Claire goes here..”

Want to work/collaborate with Making Tracks?!
Great! Drop us a line through our Contact page.


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