Making Tracks is dedicated to expanding environmental understanding and increasing the extent of appreciation for the natural world around us all.

As you’re trawling through pages laced with photos and words, I hope you leave inspired and a little wiser about what’s still great about our world.

Australia is my home patch and the one I’ve traversed continually from those early summers ferrying across to our island state. Over the years I’ve learnt two major things;

1) How utterly and endlessly amazing and inspiring the world is. This appreciation stemmed not necessarily from exploring the great outdoors but through picking up a book by David Suzuki, ‘Time to Change’. As I read on my lunch breaks surrounded by a storeroom of TV’s and sound systems I realised that by increasing my knowledge of landscapes I would build a stronger appreciation for them;

2) That everyone can make a positive change in their life that will make a difference in how the world ends up. Be you big or small, wealthy doctor or base wage retail store-man (like I once was) – everyone can take the little steps that lead to huge changes around them.

Now at 28, I’m locked into 12 of the best months in sunny, sweaty, sub-tropical Queensland. Every day I wake up with the coast on my mind, with a thirst to swim in the respite of the ocean, to round a corner and embrace the scent of salt in the cooling breeze, to feel the caking of salt on my skin as I dry out after a dip, and welcome the eternal presence of sand scratching away in my bed.

The coastal environment is my chosen place to rest and recharge, like almost every other sweaty, sun-stroked Australian.

However these days I’m surrounded by concrete, grinding hours to the bone as marine campaigner with the Australian Marine Conservation Society – a national charity dedicated to the preservation of our oceans, for everyone. To accept this position I sacrificed a slice of life beside the ocean, with the intent of returning one day knowing I had a crack at helping ensure the most amazing and diverse coastline and marine environment in the world would be in safe hands beyond my years.

Everyones passion is different. Yet everyone can find it the same way – give things a go and don’t abandon your unspoilt expectations of youth. Believe you can!

Photography is a beautiful thing, where holding a camera grants the bearer the opportunity to forever capture a scene. Making Tracks is but a glimpse into these scenes provided by the world all around us.

– Jimmy Nails