My collection of photographs and words that promotes an understanding and appreciation of the incredible natural world around us..


Welcome to ‘Making Tracks’.

Within this amazing country called Australia is a world of the unique we can only slightly tap into with so few years on earth. The sheer fact that you can’t possibly see and learn everything in this world should suffice, and keep everyone eternally interested in this brilliant life engulfing us..

I am fortunate to have shifted around our states and territories for work, broadening and intensifying my knowledge of my homeland as I go. When I share my glimpse into what’s out there, I hope you can appreciate the beauty of the land that my camera has captured. I hope you can take the time to read the thoughts I’ve scribbled along the way too, those observations of extreme climates, unique animals, hugely varied vegetation, and those landscapes that have adorned our postcards and shaped our awesome way of life from day one..

But most of all, I hope you’re inspired to explore it for yourself. A day trip here, a weekend trip there. From every city centre there’s a myriad of walks, swims, dives, kayaks, surf breaks and climbs – the best memories you can imagine await you!

– Jimmy Nails